SAS was established in 2002, selling cash register machines, which is its core business and product of this day. SAS also provides services, repairing and rental of cash register machines. SAS started with only 3 persons and remained a tight knit sales and service team.

SAS took on distributorship for the the CITAQ Point Of Sales system. The cash register machine increasingly comes up against its limitations, with a working memory based on ROM (read only memory)-which means all features are read from hard memory, and there can be no addition, no amendments etc. Since Samsung vacated this market segment, Shin Heung put its product range under the brand SAM4S. To safeguard the future company, Calvin went straight to Korea and acquired the distribution rights for the SAM4S line of cash register machines .

SAS principle is clear – hang on to valued employees even as they move on, invest in their own startups and thereby converting potential rivals into natural collaborators. Another new strategy being explored is the mobile van sales force – a tight fleet making rounds through the Klang Valley. This mobile fleet also lets clients know that their machines need to be serviced, so they go out to service, sell machines, providing paper rolls and etc. In fact, SOP is a very important factor in SAS- it keeps the workers productive and SAS is working to improve its online presence, investing in both SEO as well as a constantly updated website. The SAS domain is cashregistermachine.com and moving forward SAS has also established possystemmachine.com to maintain its grip on the evolving market. Coming to 2013, SAS is moving forward to increase its van fleet from 2 to 7 and a larger blueprint for moving the company forward onto further shores include opening sister company in Australia, which is in planning stage.


“Simple Deal, Serious Service”
In the spirit of simplicity, an IT arm company, FLEXPOS has been created, where it carries the CITAQ brand, among others, to clearly champion the market for Point Of Sales systems.
Keep everything to the point


Open up more branches to service far off clients
Push out to other states, in line with conquering Malaysia first.


Being aware of and sensitive to each opportunity’s time frame (know the right time)
Being diligent at the right time, while remaining flexible in the ways of conducting business (act at the right time without being stubborn)
Workers are the company’s most important asset, bearing in mind that enemies only arise from negative competition but in truth within every industry, there are no permanent friends and enemies. All can be resolved and converted in due time.(keep your friends close and your rivals even closer)