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Royal Malaysian Customs Department : Training Details


Location: Hotel M Suites,Jalan Bertingkat Skudai, 80200 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Start Time : 9/12/2015 08:30 AM

End Time : 9/12/2015 16:30 PM


Condition:    1. Company has already registered and received GST ID.
2. Only  2 representatives for each company.
3. Application must be done online through ‘online form’

Royal Malaysian Customs Department

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How To Setup Point Of Sale Thermal Printer (Basic)

This is the basic guide about setting a printer for your Point Of Sale system and it might be useful when the cash drawer not coming out. In this page, we will use Code Soft TP-3160S (USB) Thermal printer as an example and the installation will be in Window 7 operating system for computer. (Window XP is almost the same and this steps might be helpful as well)

Printer setup

  1. Plug in the USB cable into computer and printer.
  2. Plug in the cash drawer cable at the rear of printer beside  the USB cable port.
  3. Make sure the power adapter is plugged in as well then switch on the power.
  4. Install the printer driver given or included by the printer manufacturer.
  5. You might need to click accept terms and click yes and next then wait until installation finish.
  6. Once done, press start and select “Devices and Printers” and a Code Soft printer will be there.
  7. Select and click the Code Soft printer then press right click one time.
  8. Select “Printer Properties” in that drop down box and then a new window will pop up.
  9. Press the “Print Test Page” on bottom right to print out a test page for this Code Soft printer.
  10. If able to print the test page, that mean it is working.

(To make sure the Code Soft printer is set to default, in the Devices and Printers page you will see a green tick on the printer).

After the setup for printer, you need to make sure the Point Of Sale system using this Code Soft printer as “default” printer in order to print receipt and for the cash drawer to pop out. If above step is successful,  you can try to use your Point Of Sale system to kick out the cash drawer. It should be working if above step are thoroughly followed.


Printer not printing / Cash drawer not coming out.

  1. Make sure the printer is switched on.
  2. Computer first time installation will automatically select default printer if you selected properly during the installation. Otherwise just go to Devices and Printers to set it as default.
  3. Changing the USB port from the first time installation to another might cause the printer stop printing. Either you plug in the USB cable back to the first time installation OR a bit tricky where by go into printer properties(from step 6 to 8), in that new window pop up select the “Ports” tab just beside the “General” tab when you try to test print. In there you need to change the USB ports to another ports and you will need to click the test print page. If not printing after 10-20 seconds of changing USB ports, change to other USB ports to try until it print.
  4. Printer driver sometimes might be corrupted due lot of reasons, if above tips still not working, you can try to re-install the printer driver.
  5. Got few reasons if the cash drawer is not coming out when using your Point Of Sale system such as printer not switched on, the printer is not selected as default or the cash drawer is already locked by key. You might need to check this two things before you want to ask for dealer support. If still not working, high chances it is hardware issue.
  6. If all this failed, then it is time for you to call the appropriate dealer support to solve the issue (Store Automation System)


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Why we need to use SAM4S.

SAM4S Company Overview.

As a store automation products manufacturer, SAM4S aims to achieve the best quality products and make the most flexible and reliable products at all times. We have knowledgeable human resources with more than 31 years of experience in the store automation field. We now produce the most sophisticated and diverse products for the world-wide market. Our store automation products are extensively used in over 60 countries. We are committed to developing future models that provide innovation and solutions to meet the demands of fast moving markets.

What is SAM4S?

  1. Smart   : SAM4S always provides smart terminals with useful features.
  2. Safe      : SAM4S’ reliable terminal makes sure that your assets are in safe hands.
  3. Silent   : SAM4S’ silent terminal improves the ambiance of your shop.
  4. Speedy: SAM4S provides speedy return of investment.

Why SAM4S?

R&D Team

SAM4S has 31 years of development experience for store automation products. SAMSUNG ECR division was taken over by SHC in 2001, but the members of the R&D laboratory at that time are the core members of SAM4S R&D Lab now. The know-how of SAMSUNG ECR production was handed over to SAM4S.

Quality Control and Service.

Every SAM4S product has environment compliance testing before SAM4S starts mass production. SAM4S implements quality inspection to every single finished product. SAM4S Supplies all service parts from individual parts to multiple component assemblies for all their products. We supply whatever the customer needs.

Production Capability.

SAM4S specializes in R&D and SAM4S’s holding company, SHC specializes in production. SHC has manufactured continuously since 1968 and SHC has cooperated with SAMSUNG ECR since 1983. SHC has every facility for the development of SAM4S products and creates all of SAM4S products internally.

General SA Equipment Supplier.

SAM4S has been a specialized in general store automation equipment supply for many years. As the result, SAM4S has ECR, POS terminal, Android POS terminal, Receipt Printer, EFT POS terminal, Drawer, and various peripherals in the line-up. Now, SAM4S provides a one-stop supply service to SAM4S customers.

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Royal Malaysian Customs Department : Event / Training Details


Location :  Hotel Grand Bluewave,Jalan Bukit Meldrum, Tanjung Puteri, 80300 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.

Start Time : 30/11/2015 08:30 AM

End Time : 30/11/2015 16:30 PM

Description:    Conditions:
1. Company has already registered and received GST ID.
2. Only  2 representatives for each company.
3. Application must be done online through ‘online form’


Royal Malaysian Customs Department

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Cash Register Or Point Of Sales (POS) System?

One of the item in a retail or food and beverages business need a cash management system, especially when we’re needed to submit taxes to the government. Whether it’s the electronic cash register (ECR) or computerized point of sale (POS) system, every store needs a machine to process sales.

This will simplify and shortened the transaction time while your customer queuing up to pay the money and also it able to store the money in the cash drawer safely and neatly.  Other than storing money and reducing time in transaction, one of the most important part is the ability to accurately keep records.

Your Needs

Some questions to ask and answered before choosing a point of sale system or cash register are:

  • What tax must your business collect on a sale?
  • How many departments are in your store?
  • How many products do you carry now?
  • Will you need more than one cash management system?
  • Will you accept coupons?
  • How will your clerks process refunds?
  • What types of payment does your business accept?

Which is suitable for me? Cash Register or POS System?

As a new business owner, the choice of electronic cash register  or Point Of Sales system will depend on the budget you want to spend. The employees or a consultant will advice you accordingly to your budget and needs unless you never bothered about the budget then the consultant will introduce you the cash register or POS system that is powerful but not needed in the end of day .

Know your own business needs whether to choose a cash register machine or POS system because this will impact your business environment when your business start.

Benefits of POS Systems

  • More detailed reports
  • Able and Better track inventory
  • Improve accuracy
  • Easily grows with business

Benefits of Cash Registers

  • Low cost for startups
  • Most models easy to use
  • Fewer components
  • Basic functions and reporting

When you buy either a cash register or a POS system, ask the consultant what kind of warranty or support comes with the machine as you don’t want any hardware or software related issue bogging your mind while this system should make it easier for you.

Plan how you or your staff will be trained to use the equipment. Once you make your purchase, stock up on any necessary supplies especially ink ribbons or receipt paper for your printer.

Below is the link to the website selling cash register and Point Of Sales systems:

Cash Register Machine / Point Of Sale Systems.

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Why we need to use SAM4S.