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One of the item in a retail or food and beverages business need a cash management system, especially when we’re needed to submit taxes to the government. Whether it’s the electronic cash register (ECR) or computerized point of sale (POS) system, every store needs a machine to process sales.

This will simplify and shortened the transaction time while your customer queuing up to pay the money and also it able to store the money in the cash drawer safely and neatly.  Other than storing money and reducing time in transaction, one of the most important part is the ability to accurately keep records.

Your Needs

Some questions to ask and answered before choosing a point of sale system or cash register are:

  • What tax must your business collect on a sale?
  • How many departments are in your store?
  • How many products do you carry now?
  • Will you need more than one cash management system?
  • Will you accept coupons?
  • How will your clerks process refunds?
  • What types of payment does your business accept?

Which is suitable for me? Cash Register or POS System?

As a new business owner, the choice of electronic cash register  or Point Of Sales system will depend on the budget you want to spend. The employees or a consultant will advice you accordingly to your budget and needs unless you never bothered about the budget then the consultant will introduce you the cash register or POS system that is powerful but not needed in the end of day .

Know your own business needs whether to choose a cash register machine or POS system because this will impact your business environment when your business start.

Benefits of POS Systems

  • More detailed reports
  • Able and Better track inventory
  • Improve accuracy
  • Easily grows with business

Benefits of Cash Registers

  • Low cost for startups
  • Most models easy to use
  • Fewer components
  • Basic functions and reporting

When you buy either a cash register or a POS system, ask the consultant what kind of warranty or support comes with the machine as you don’t want any hardware or software related issue bogging your mind while this system should make it easier for you.

Plan how you or your staff will be trained to use the equipment. Once you make your purchase, stock up on any necessary supplies especially ink ribbons or receipt paper for your printer.

Below is the link to the website selling cash register and Point Of Sales systems:

Cash Register Machine / Point Of Sale Systems.

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