Citaq M1

M1 is a flexible system whereby you can arrange the style to place it in single piece or separated.


Product Description

M1 Split-Type POS System
Through decades’ experiences on manufacturing proffesional POS and exploration of user feedbacks, Citaq has fully realized the requirement of customers for the counter space. Citaq M1 was hereby tailored to solve this concern with its flexible, various and compact design. It could be placed and combined as-per-pleasure and most importantly save your space.

CITAQ products are ensured under a group of professional testing as well as approved by ISO14001 and ISO9001.

Front switch and USB interface
The “Big Eye” power switch is the symbol of CITAQ products design, indicating the workign status of the devices clearly,while the front USB ports facilitate operators and repairers for connecting USB devices and improve working efficiency.

The 101key QWERTY POS keyboard with a life cycle of 10 million keystrokes is matched with 3 tracks MSR to meet various requests of customers. There is a 81key fully programmable keyboard for option.

Durable big gear is applied in the standard 58mm thermal printer to provide you contant and stable printings. A 76mm dot matrix printer is optional to give you full-scale receipt solution.

12” TFT LCD Display
A True color high brightness LCD with resolution of 800×600 is applied to perfectly realize man-machine interaction and clear indication of cashier information.


                                                    Host Unit

Mother Board POS Motherboard
CPU Intel Atom D525 1.8GHz (Dual Core)
Chipset Intel NM10
HDD 250G Or Above
PSU 70W Adaptor

PS/2 1x External for Keyboard
USB 2x External-Front, 4x External-Rear
LAN 1x External 10M/100M/1000M
COM 3x External RS232, 1x External DB9F
LPT 1x External For Printer
VGA 1x External For Ads Board
LCD 1x External for DB44 Display
DCIN 1x12v/24v For Power Supply

Display MN4012L 12’ TFT, 800×600 LCD Monitor
Keyboard KB-S101  QWERTY Keyboard with MSR
KBP81M 81 Programmable keyboard with MSR (Optional)
Printer RP-T58K 58, Thermal Printer
RP-90 80mm High Speed Thermal Printer with Auto Cutter.
Pole Display PD4220D   Independent 2×20 VFD Customer Display
MN4012D 12” TFT 800×600 Resolution 2nd Display (Optional)
Cash Drawer CR9410  410x450x100 cm Metal Cash Drawer (Optional)
CR3040  400x460x100 cm  cm Metal Cash Drawer (Optional)