Citaq OPOZ 8000

Offers highly integrated point-of-sale system for restaurants, fashion shops and department stores.

Product Description

The Opoz 8000 series offers a highly integrated point-of-sale system specifically designed for restaurants, fashion shops and department stores. With a simple, unique shape and modularized design, this system provides a flexible assembly for different applications. The soothing Acrylic finish, show on high quality.

  1. Detachable and cable hidden design, host unit with aluminum frame looks cool & can be mounted under the table.
  2. The high compact monitor built include with Keyboard, MSR, Pole display and Touch Module, compliance with Ergonomics design. Provide an excellent inter-communication platform.
CPU : Intel Celeron-M 1.5GHz, 1M cache
RAM : DDR2 1GB on board (Up to 2GB)
HDD : 160G 2.5″ SATA HDD
Monitor : 12″ or 15″ TFT LCD (1024 X 768)
Touch Panel : ELD 5 wire resistive touch screen, water-spill proof, 4096 x 4096, 35 million touches (optional).
Serial Port : 3 x external RS232, 1 x external RS485
Parallel Port : 1 x external
Powered USB : 2 x external(12V), 1 x external(24V)
USB2.0 : 1 x front, 2 x rear
VGA : 1 x external
LVDS : 1 x external (for Second Monitor)
LAN : 1 x 10M/100M Ethernet
PS/2 : 1 x external (for Keyboard)
12V Output : 1 x external (for Monitor)
PCI : 1 x internal
Mouse : by USB
Customer Display : 2 x 20 (5 x 7) Dot Matrix VFD.
Combined on the host or stand alone pole display.
SecondMonitor  : 12″ TFT LCD (1024 x 768)
MSR : Support 1-2-3 tracks
Laser Scanner : Share Pole with Main Monitor or Stand Alone with Short Pole
Printer : Opoz RP-5080 80mm high speed thermal printer.
Cash Drawer : CR-3040
Host : 235(L) X 156(W) X 212(H)mm
12″ Monitor with VFD Display : 460(L) X 290(W) X 510(H)mm
15″ Monitor with Daul Display : 385(L) X 310(W) X 430(H)mm

Currently this Citaq OPOZ-8000 do not have any optional or accessories parts.