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SAM4s ER-380/380M

Quick, Quiet, & Economical Thermal ECR.

Product Description

ER-380/ER-380M is quiet and speedy, this model provides cost-effective solution for a wide range of retail and hospitality applications.

  1. Low cost solution
  2. High speed & Quiet thermal printer
  3. Designed for easy operating
  4. Capacity of 20Groups and Max 5,000 PLUs for easy item management
  5. Excellent s/w such as table management, gallonage, and Barcode Scanner, etc.
Printer Method 1st Thermal / 2nd Thermal(ER-380Ⅱ)
Speed 13.3LPS
width 57.5mm/ 28.0(ER-380Ⅱ)
Keyboard Type 44 Raised
Display Operator 10-digit VFD
Customer 10-digit VFD
Memory Ram 2Mbit(optional 6Mbit)
Rom 4Mbit
Interface RS-232C 1Portx 1/ 2Ports(ER-380Ⅱ)
Drawer Type 5B/5C, 4B/8C, 7B/8C
Dimension (W x D x H mm) 400x450x260(with drawer)
Weight kg About 13
Department 12
PLU 500
Group 20
Electronic Journal 3000 Lines(Default)
Description 18 Char
Clerk 15
Buffer Receipt Yes
Training Mode Yes
Receipt Preamble / Postamble 6lines/6lines
KP Operating Yes
Tendering Cash, Check, Charge 8
Currency Conversion 4
Conversion Rate 7 Digits
Decimal Point 0~3 selectable
Graphic Logo Print Yes(8 lines)

Currently this cash register machine do not have any optional or accessories parts.