SAM4s ER-390/390M

Speedy and Economical Thermal ECR.

Product Description

The ER-390/390M provides ideal solution for any hospitality environment, such as restaurants or food service businesses. This product is speedy and quiet.

  1. Cost effective solution
  2. Built-in memory can store various sales information
  3. High speed & Quiet thermal printer
  4. Maximum of 5,000 PLUs and 99 Groups
  5. Fiscal version available


Printer Method 1st Thermal
Speed 13.3LPS
width 57.5mm
Keyboard Type 90 Flat
Display Operator 10-digit VFD /16char. x2lines LCD
Customer 10-digit VFD
Memory Ram 4Mbit
Rom 2Mbit(Default), 4Mbit(Option)
Interface RS-232C 1Portx 1/ 2Ports(ER-380Ⅱ)
Memory Protection Battery 60Days
Interface RS-232C 2Ports
Power Requirement 120v/60㎐, 230V/50㎐
Power Consumption Reg(25W)
Drawer Type 5B/5C, 4B/8C, 7B/8C
Port 1Port
Environment Temperature 32℉~113℉(0℃~45℃)
Condition Humidity 30%~80%RH
(W x D x H mm)
SET 400x450x266(with drawer)
Drawer 400x450x112
Weight kg About 13
Factory Option Memory(4Mbit x1)
Water Proof
Dust Cover
PLU 500
Group 20
Electronic Journal 3000 Lines(Default)
Description 18 Char.
Buffer Receipt Yes
Training Mode Yes
Receipt Preamble / Postamble 6lines/6lines
KP Operating Yes
Tendering Cash, Check, Charge 8
Currency Conversion 4
Conversion Rate 7 Digits
Decimal Point 0~3 selectable
Graphic Logo Print Yes(8 lines)

Currently this cash register machine do not have any optional or accessories parts.