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SAM4s ER-420/420M

Reliable 2-Station Thermal Type ECR.

Product Description

ER-420/420M gives powerful solution for any retail and hospitality applications at a low price. Accurate and secure ER-420/420M will meet all specific regulations of your governments.

  1. Cost effective solution
  2. Unique and new paper width, 44.5mm for specific store environment
  3. High speed & Quiet 2-station thermal printer
  4. Maximum of 7,000 PLUs
  5. Fiscal version available
Printer Method 2nd Thermal
Speed 20LPS
width 44mm x 2
Keyboard Type 48 Raised
Display Operator 10-digit VFD(ER-420)
16Char x 2Line LCD(ER-420M)
Customer 10-digit VFD
Memory Ram 2Mbit(optional 4Mbit)
Rom 8Mbit(Flash)
Memory Protection Battery 60Days
Interface RS-232C 2Ports
Power Requirement 120v/60㎐, 230V/50㎐
Power Consumption Peak(30W)
Environment Temperature 32℉~104℉(0℃~40℃)
Condition Humidity 30%~80%RH
Drawer Type 5B/5C, 4B/8C, 7B/8C
Port 1Port
(W x D x H mm)
SET 400x450x266(with drawer)
Drawer 400x450x112
Weight kg About 13
Factory Option Water Proof
Dust Cover

Currently this cash register do not have any optional or accessories parts.