SAM4s ER-5100II Series

Multi-functional 2-Station Dot Type ECR.

Product Description

The ER-5100Ⅱ series feature powerful capacity and reliable system of high-end ECRs at an effective price.

  1. Powerful and speedy solution
  2. Various keyboard types suitable for various business environment
  3. New paper width, 44.5mm for specific store environment
  4. Useful programming and editing by upload and download function
  5. Fiscal version available
Printer Method 2 Station Dot Impact
Speed 3 lines/sec
Paper width 44.5mm
Display Operator 10 Digits
Customer 10 Digits
Keyboard Flat 160Keys(ER-5100Ⅱ)
Raised 60Keys(ER-5100Ⅱ), 90Keys(ER-5140Ⅱ)
Drawer Type 5B/5C, 4B/8C, 7B/8C
Interface RS-232c 1port
Drawer 2 ports
Peripherals PC, Kitchen/ Slip Printer, Scale
Power 120v/60㎐, 230V/50㎐
Peak 30W
Dimension 400 x 450 x 305(mm)
Weight 15.2Kg
Factory Option Paper Near End Sensor
Water Proof
Dust Cover
Ext. Memory(SRAM-4Mbits)

Currently this cash register machine do not have any optional or accessories parts.