SAM4s ER 900

Stylish and Speedy Electronic Cash Register.

Product Description

The ER-900 series provide perfect solution for any retail and hospitality markets. ER-900 is designed with an elegant design and is easy to use.

  1. Elegant and compact design.
  2. High visibility with wide display.
  3. Reliable hardware and powerful software.
  4. Speedy and quiet printing with 2 types thermal printer.
  5. Various keyboard types suitable for any business environments.
MODEL NAME ER-920/925 ER-940/945
Printer  Method 1st Thermal 2nd Thermal
 Paper width 57.5mm
Display  Operator 16 Character x 2 Line display (Bluebacklight)
 Customer 9 digit VFD
Keyboard  Flat 150 Keys
 Raised 63/91 Key
Memory  Program 16Mbits FLASH
 Data 4Mbit SRAM
 Ext. (Opt.) 12Mbit SRAM(Total 16Mbit)
 Data Storage 90 Days
Keyboard  EPROM  (Default/Option)
Interface  RS-232C 4 ports (RJ45 x 2, D/SUB 9p x 2)
 USB 1 port (Device)
 Network IRC 1 Port(Max. 8sets)
 GPRS Modem
 SD Card 1 Slot(SDHC Not compatible)
Drawer  Type Large
 Port 2 ports
Peripherals MSR, Operatior Key, Scanner, Remote Printer, Slip Printer,
Kitchen Printer, Scale, Pole, PC, EFT, Coin Dispensor
S/W  Keyboard  Departments 28/63/100
 PLU’s 2,000(Max. 20,000)
 Groups 20(Max.99)
 Clerk 15(Max.99)
 Electronic Journal Yes
 Euro Currency  Conversion Yes
 Graphics Logo Yes
 Daily and Periodic  Reporting Yes
 Table Management Yes
 F/W update  (PC/SD-card) Yes
 PC Utility Yes

This is optional attachment for the cash register machine.