User-friendliness, easy to learn and feature rich characteristics. Well received by our customers.

Product Description

Designed for Microsoft Windows platform X-Retail is suitable for any retail businesses. Its user-friendliness, easy to learn, and feature rich characteristics have been well received by our customers.

Features can be tailored to fit any retail business. Functional buttons can be turned on/off, re-arranged, re-named or password protected.

Performance & Stability are X-Retail’s design priority. Using both MS SQL and Visual Foxpro databases X-Retail requires minimum technical support and its data is truly scalable, facilitating your future growth and expansion.

X-Retail can be used in both single-counter & multi-counters networked environments.

  1. Well known F&B software
  2. Easy to use / operate
  3. User friendly
  4. welcomed by lot of retailers
  5. Even airport retailer using it.
Minimum CPU : Intel Celeron
Minimum Operating System : Microsoft Window XP (32 bit / x86)
Minimum Memory : 1GB RAM
Recommended CPU : Intel i3
Recommended Operating System : Microsoft Window 7 Pro (32 bit / x86)
Recommended Memory : 2 GB RAM or Above

Currently this x-Retail do not have any expansion, items or devices.