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SAM4S Company Overview.

As a store automation products manufacturer, SAM4S aims to achieve the best quality products and make the most flexible and reliable products at all times. We have knowledgeable human resources with more than 31 years of experience in the store automation field. We now produce the most sophisticated and diverse products for the world-wide market. Our store automation products are extensively used in over 60 countries. We are committed to developing future models that provide innovation and solutions to meet the demands of fast moving markets.

What is SAM4S?

  1. Smart   : SAM4S always provides smart terminals with useful features.
  2. Safe      : SAM4S’ reliable terminal makes sure that your assets are in safe hands.
  3. Silent   : SAM4S’ silent terminal improves the ambiance of your shop.
  4. Speedy: SAM4S provides speedy return of investment.

Why SAM4S?

R&D Team

SAM4S has 31 years of development experience for store automation products. SAMSUNG ECR division was taken over by SHC in 2001, but the members of the R&D laboratory at that time are the core members of SAM4S R&D Lab now. The know-how of SAMSUNG ECR production was handed over to SAM4S.

Quality Control and Service.

Every SAM4S product has environment compliance testing before SAM4S starts mass production. SAM4S implements quality inspection to every single finished product. SAM4S Supplies all service parts from individual parts to multiple component assemblies for all their products. We supply whatever the customer needs.

Production Capability.

SAM4S specializes in R&D and SAM4S’s holding company, SHC specializes in production. SHC has manufactured continuously since 1968 and SHC has cooperated with SAMSUNG ECR since 1983. SHC has every facility for the development of SAM4S products and creates all of SAM4S products internally.

General SA Equipment Supplier.

SAM4S has been a specialized in general store automation equipment supply for many years. As the result, SAM4S has ECR, POS terminal, Android POS terminal, Receipt Printer, EFT POS terminal, Drawer, and various peripherals in the line-up. Now, SAM4S provides a one-stop supply service to SAM4S customers.

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